Hi Atul,Thanks for your site…
I did GT MODULE today….
Task 1
Recently you have applied for a course at a college, and you received a letter saying that since there is no room left for this and suggested to take another course.
In your letter,
1. Explain why you want to follow 1st course.
2. How do u feel about the new course suggested.
3. What do you want them to do
Task 2
Nowadays, it is possible to listen to music or read a newspaper through Internet for free.
Do you think it is a positive or negative development
Give reasons ans examples from your experience
Atul, could you explain the question, what they expect to write…
What I wrote is I belive It is positive development. ..Reason 1 how it becomes positive… since it is easy to read newspapers majority are on upto date knowledge.. Reason 2 listening to music or other as a leisure reduce stress in busy world today. . And then gave a conclusion…
Thanks for your help…


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