Date: 03/03/2017. Speaking General.

Location: Munich Germany

I was too stress, i had the tendency to speak too fast. I have not been able to slow down my pace, especially for the part3. I only use one idiom, walk in the park because none other came to my mind. I tried to also use phrase like hang out with my friends, keep in touch.

Part1 went more or less ok, i had questions about my work, about a teacher i admire and to finish about writing, handwriting versus typing on a keyboard.

For the cue card, i had to talk about a person i recently met, who was it, where did i meet, and what i would like to know more about this person in the future.

I think i did so-so, i could talk fluently for 2 minutes without any problem but she asked me again about what i would like to talk about this person if i meet him in future. So i am not sure i could answer properly the question to her eyes.

For the part 3, i had maybe 5-6 questions about friendship.

Some of the questions were about what are the qualities of a friend? do you have lot of friends? what about online friends? I don't remember all the questions but i think i had to answer 5-6 questions, which was quite a lot.So probably my answer might have been too short.

For the part 3, i think i struggle a bit because i went out of vocabulary, without showing it, but i have the feeling i repeat a bit too much myself.

She also took a note, which probably is not a good sign. I forgot to take care of my grammar, i was just trying to answer the questions and providing arguments to them. But i am not so satisfied because i have the feelings, they were not clear enough.

She also tried to contradict one of my answer, so i am wondering if it is normal and if my previous answer was simply not good enough. Is this common?

In general, she was friendly but the stress of the exam made me loosing my pace as well as my advanced vocabulary. I will see tomorrow for the writing part.

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