Hello AtulThank you for this great and helpful website, especially this blog that enables numerous thoughtful learners to share their exam questions.
I sat for the IELTS General Training Test and Speaking Test, administered by IDP, yesterday(24/09/2016) in KSA.
Writing Test
Task 1
You recently had a problem at an airport. An employee was very helpful to you. Write a letter to the manager. In your letter:
-explain what your problem was
-describe how the employee helped you
-say what you want the manager to do
Task 2
More and more adults spend time playing computer games.
Why do you think adults are doing this?
Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
Speaking Test
Section 1
-Which colors do you like best?
-Did you like the same colors when you were a child?
-What colors would you not choose for decorating your room?
-What are the most popular colors with your friends at the moment?
-Who is your favorite celebrity from your country?
-Do you like reading about celebrities?
-Have you ever seen a celebrity in a public place?
-Would you like to be a celebrity?
Section 2
Describe a gift or present you gave someone recently.
You should say:
-what it was
-who it was
-how did they feel
Section 3
-Do you often give gifts to people?
-What are the occasions in your country when children are given gifts?
-What are the factors to consider when choosing gifts for very young children?
-Would you agree that gifts for children should have educational value?
-Considering the commercial aspects of giving gifts, what are the influences of advertisements when choosing a gift for someone?
On a different note, while I was speaking regarding the cue card, I deviated from the main topic and leaned on the prompts on my card. As I was writing down the questions after I finished my speaking test, I reaAtuled that I did not answer the main question. Despite the fact that I understood the question, I was trying to formulate a story that would last for at least 2 minutes, which led me to forget the main topic. However, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how this will affect my score.


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