Hi Atul,Just finished a GT test today! Want to post the questions with my fresh memory! And hopefully I can get good marks.
Section 3 is about turtles and how people protect turtle eggs. I found it a bit difficult than I practiced as this one has 4 types of questions and they are disordered! 1. which sections contains the following information (3 marks) 2. True, false, not given (3 marks) 3. Fill in the blank (6/7 marks? and it’s disordered from the first half of the article, really challenging) 4. A multiple choice question.
Task 1 one of your relatives are going to a country and you have a friend living there. Write a letter to your friend to describe your relative, why going, how long, why do you want them to meet up…
Task 2 a good teacher should have some qualities which can or can not be learned by training courses. Discuss both sides
Part 2 describe a perfect job for you (As I am applying jobs at the moment it was kind of easy for me)
Good luck everyone!


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