IELTS – General TrainingSpeaking
Consumer behavior / Shopping habits / Marketing
Do you think people buy too much nowadays ?
The ways people buy today
What they buy
Online X in stores: whats more popular now ?
2 min talk = Tell me about an item you recently bought and that you are very pleased with: what is it / where did you buy it / why are you happy that you bought it.
Computers: do you think you still have a lot to learn about computers so that you can succeeded in your job ?
What computers skills do you have ?
Which computer skills would you like to learn ?
Audio #1 (over the phone) is about a woman asking help to lose weight.Exercise plan to fill in as you listen.
Audio #2 is about a study of two groups of tortoises. Fill in the blanks.
Audio #3: Museum Tour Guide person giving an explanation about the story behind the Blue Moon Ship that sank years ago.
Audio #4: Academic situation: teacher tutoring a student on her research writing.
Text #1: Work agency: job hunting, work contract, maternity leave and sick days text.
Text #2: Plumbing Services: company offering services and monthly/annual fee maintenance packages
Text #3: Text about a group that gets together for Job Interview Practices, networking, raise of funds, Discussions, etc.
Text #4: The origin of the tea.
True – False – Not Given: twice in the reading test
Task #1
Your manager asked you to write about some suggestions to help the environment.
Tell him what your suggestion is
How it will help the environment
What it needs in order to be successful.
Start as follows: Dear……..,
Task #2
Young children have their own mobile phones nowadays. Some people think this is good, others think it is bad. What is your opinion about this ?
Give examples to support your ideas. Use your own knowledge and experience.
Test location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Test date: 30 July 2016


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