Some people think technology makes life complex, so we should make life simpler without using technology.

Do you agree or disagree? 

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

Recently, some people have argued that the advancement of technology makes life complicated.  They suggest that people should stop using technology in order to simplify their life.  Personally, I totally disagree with this view.

First of all, it is noticeable that technology has made our lives more convenient than ever before.  For instance, Tesla introduced an alpha version of an autonomous driving system that has allowed cars to move automatically without drivers controlling them.  With all the additional help from sensors and cameras, it has become safer to let computer software to take control of vehicles, thus reducing accidents.  This explains how technologies can help to simplify the lives of people; people no longer need to pay attention to the situations around them and they can make use of the travelling time to do something else.  Moreover, smart home technologies minimise the number of routine activities performed by people such as controlling the air conditioner and checking for groceries at home.  As a result, people can perform various activities using smart phones, making their lives easier and simpler. 

Next, I believe that giving up modern technology would result in a much more complex society, and our lives will be difficult.  For example, when the internet and phone technology were not popular in the past, a person needed to send a letter if he wanted to communicate with a friend far away.  The whole process was complicated and it could take days until the sender received a response. In contrast, sending emails and text messages to each other through the internet nowadays is not only much easier, but also more cost effective and efficient.  Moreover, instant response can be provided by the receiver without a time delay.  Therefore, maintaining our globally distributed social network without using modern technology would indeed become complex and inconvenient. 

In conclusion, technology can simplify our routine activities. Our lives will be much more complicated without the help of modern technology. Hence, I totally disagree with the idea of abandoning our current technology to make our lives simpler.

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