Hi Atul,Thank you so for this website. God bless you. You are an amazing person.Thank You so much.
I gave my test in Canada.
where do you work?
do you like it?
are you going to continue with this job in the future?
About colors..your fav color? was it different when you were a child?
About teachers…did you like all your teachers? how strict they were?
Describe an important thing you forgot to do?
what was it?
why did you forget?
and problems occurred?
ways to remember the things?
I explained about sticky notes and reminders on our smartphones.
then she asked the difference between traditional(stickynotes) and modern technology(reminders on phones) ways.
then she asked how important organizational skills are? are some people born with them?
do we have to learn them?
Line graph was about population pridiction in 4 countries since 1990 to 2060.
Essay: (in my words)
Students from Rural areas and poor families think that universities should make it easy for them to get admission while others think not to. To what extent do you agree.


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