Hi All,Stumbled upon Atul’s website a few days ago. Being a self learner , I was happy to learn from other recent Speaking topics listed here. Posting my experience from my Speaking test today at Delhi,India.
Reached the venue almost an hour before the exam, chatted up with the peon ,few staff members, read another 20 pages of my current read while listening to high energy music (I tell you this makes my day everyday!).Since I’d slept only 5 hours last night (a normal sleep is of 6 hours for me), I started feeling a little dizzy while waiting .Had a tea to get in a better state (I usually avoid tea .. so it definitely helped).Chatted with the tea vendor too. I think it helps if you are already in a talking mood (pardon my english here.. is there any such mood?) before the test.
Brief introduction of the examiner and then she “enabled-the-audio”. Gulp ! (kidding .. I had no nerves)
– Where are you from?
-Are you a working professional or a student?
-What kind of work ex you had before joining your current company?
-Do you like to travel via a bus or taxi ?
-How often do u travel via a bus or taxi?
-Which one do you prefer?
-Has technology made it convenient to travel via a bus or taxi?
-Have you ever covered a long distance via a bus?
-Do you like dancing?
-Have you take any dancing classes?
-When do people generally dance in your community?
Cue card
-Describe a goal you want to achieve?
Explain the above and include details like :
-What is the goal
-When did you reaAtule about it
-What will it take to achieve the goal
-Why do u want to achieve this goal
Then the examiner went onto discuss other questions on this topic :
-Is it important to have a goal in life? Why?
-Can there be any goals which you rather not pursue?
-Is it better to have no goal or to have goals which you should rather not pursue?
Exam ends. Drank water , made note of all the questions to share them here.
Atul/others – I think my interview went well. I was able to communicate my thoughts on all questions and hardly paused on any question. In fact, the examiner had to cut me off at 3-4 instances. Is it fine if the examiner is cutting you off? Does it has any adverse affect on the scores ?
I didn’t have any expectations regarding my scores while going in. I think I should get a decent score.


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