Hi Atul Thanks for your materials , its helped me lot in last time preparation ,
I took GT module in Singapore on 4th & 5th June.
writing task 1 : write a letter to your friend who is helping you to find a place for you to work in his city ,
Writing task 2 : parents helping children in their home works is good trend ? Some think it have detrimental effects in children, discuss both views and give opinion ?
Speaking : Where are you from ?
Why you prefer living in Singapore ?
Cue Card : an instance you got anger , when , why , explain .
Getting angry is a common thing in your culture ?
How people express their anger in your country ?
Women or men who express anger in most of the times ?
My listening part was quite short nearly 10 mins . in cue car i was out of words , but quickly managed to got some ideas and explained further ,
Hi Atul ,
in writing part , i chose part 2 first and completed it to my satisfaction , but for writing task 1 , i was run out of time and completed the letter fully but i am not sure about the word count and vocabs , grammar errors .
how it will affect my score , i am aiming for 7


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