Hi AtulTook my test on 25th March, 2017, Brazil
Speaking: Questions about where I live, about my city, if i want to stay there or move….
Part 2 was about an interesting speech i heard, where it was, why it was special…
Part 3 more questions about related to part 2 and about robots and talkings in school
Writing task 1 was 4 pie charts about undergraduates and postgraduates opinions about their university library
Part 2 was about companies investing in sports and the high salaries of sports professionals
Reading part had 3 scientific texts of about 2 pages each. True, false and not given questions, also heading paragraphs and text completion
Listening was about completing some personal information heard on a telephone conversation( adress, telephone…). Also a map of a house where you needed to point which room is where. The final part was a lecture on a thesis about how the color red affects people.
Thanks for all your efforts Atul ????


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