Hi Atul and all,I just came from another general test.
Writing task 1: you are going to live in another city and your friends who lives there offered you some help to find accomodation so write a letter and tell him
You are grateful of his help
Tell him what type of location you want to live
Explain description of the place that you looking for
Task 2: many parents think it is good to help children with their homework but others think that parents should not do that and it is their own duty. Discuss both and give your own idea.
Atul : I’m really frustrated with reading this is the 4th time I’m taking test and reading just makes me down. The last section is very difficult and confusing I’m feeling that j have been humiliated by Ielts I feel totally empty, I can not move more than 6.5 and I’m sure all is for last part. Please help me. These days I’m just reading Science Evonomic national geography and news but believe me they are better than these bloody texts they take for the section 3, I always ask people after the exam and mostly agree with the difficulty level of last part . Please tell me what else I have to do.


Did you recently take the IELTS test?

Help other students by sharing your IELTS questions and topics that you got in your test in the comments below. Make sure that when you share your questions, you mention the following:

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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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