Hi Atul,I just have had IELTS 8 Apr 2017 Cairns, Australia.
The exact wording of writing task 2: Consumers are faced with increasing amount of advertising by competing companies.
To what extent you think this influence consumers?
What measures could be taken to prevent this?
It took me 5 min. to waste on thinking if this was about positive/negative type essay or no, as there were no such words in the task. What do you think?
Writing task one was: 2 pie charts given about people travelling to university by 5 different means in two different years. I found this relatively easy. I could draw the exact pie charts in anyone needs, let me know.
Reading test comprised of 3 articles.1. about Charles Dickens childhood. 2 About facial expressions in a scientific way 3. Extremely difficult, about Megafauna of Australia. Some kind of archeological article. Very confusing.
Speaking part:
Cue card exactly:
what small business you would like to start?
what business that would be?
where it would be?
what do you need to start it?


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