Hello Atul,, Thank You for your amazing site and lessons. I took LRW ielts test on 30th april at Punjab,India. I suggest other students to follow the cambridge ielts books as the test was similar to practice tests in these books. Listening was easy but i got confused in section 3, It was regarding two students discussing outcomes of a study and their findings.
Reading was bit tough, section 1 was regarding Russian art and dance(easiest). Section 2 : Housing society in New Zeland, questions concerning headings were toughest, i wasted lot of time in these. Section3: An extinct Australian wild animal( tough)
Writing section which i feared most before the test turned to be comparatively easier
Task 1: Two bar graphs showing the percentages of school going and University/college children in 5 different regions.
Task 2: Certain people believe that only way to reduce crime is sentencing criminals for longer time periods while others believe alternative methods should be used to lower crimes. Discuss both views and your opinion.
i have one small doubt that I stated my opinion in the last line of introduction/conclusion and then continued with Body paragraph 1 and part 2 discussing both views. Do i had to write another body paragraph for my opinion???or was it OK .
It was strange that usually when i was practicing at home i lacked ideas but under exam conditions i had plenty of ideas.
Thank you Atul.


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