Hi Atul,IELTS Academic
October 13
i. A recording about a man wanting to place an ad for his furniture in the local newspaper
Areas i found difficult:
1. Finding out if his furniture was to be listed as home/office furniture
2. Name of the advertisement (I think he said BARGAIN – Accent made it difficult to understand
ii. A recording about the surrounding areas of a hotel
Areas i found difficult:
1. After the first location ( Horse Barn), the next location (Tennis Court) did not come in sequence. Found it difficult to locate it
iii. A recording about how mathematics is perceived by people
A passage about the benefits of humanities in medical science by a professor of dalhousie medical college
Task 1:
A bar graph on the water levels of reservoirs in 5 cities of australia (sydney, perth, canberra, brisbane and darwin). Units was percentage of full capacity
3 cities were shown with increasing water levels
1 showed decrease in water level
1 was stagnant
Task 2:
Nowadays people research their family history, some people say this is useless and we should instead focus on present and future generations. Share your opinion
1. Tell me about yourself
2. where are you from
3. Do you like chocolates
4. Why do people like chocolates
5. As a child, did you like chocolates
6. Are chocolates bad for health
Task 2:
What is your favourite building
1. where is it located
2. what do you like about it
3. describe it
Task 3:
1. Do people in your country live in tall buildings
2. Are there disadvantages of living in tall buildings
3. Should local people be consulted while constructing a building


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