Speaking test (GT dated on 02/06/2016 Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) @ 2 pm)1) do u work or study
2) what language you communicate with ur colleagues, family and friends
3) where you cannot use mobile
4) after what age you got your first mobile
5) should children learn how to swim from their school or private classes
Cue card
Describe the place where there is lot of water
What people do there
What activity people do there
Where was it
General question
What water sports are people involved in India
How people should save water
What steps are taken by government to save water
How environment affecting water
How two country can come together and do something to save water
Is it the only problem in India of scarcity in water or other country too
Hi Atul, thank you so much for this website it help me lot to learn many tips to score good in exam. I will have my RWL on 4th.
Thanks and all the best to people who’s waiting for ielts test or will be taking ielts test soon.


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