Hi Atul ,First of all huge thanks for your free guidance on IELTS,It helped me alt for my yesterday’s General Test ,which was held in Vizag,India.
This was my first attempt, I completed reading module 13 mins before, I m very happy with it, and writing , I followed your tips and worked well.my only concern is Listening ,I think i need further more practice ,could you advise me on advanced listening Exam skills,it seems section 4 very hard for me, I could’t do multi task as checking question and listening ,and its just gone,any suggestion on how to improve would be a great help
1.section 1- Table
2.section 2 – summary and table only word
3.section 3 – summary with three word
4.section 4 – is gaps filling and last two questions from diagram
section 1 – true or false or not given and one-word gaps
section 2 – matching names in paragraphs, some set of people names given ,questions are given qualities from the paragraphs, so we need to match them with persons.
and 7 question fill not more than three words
section3 : matching information in the paragraphs and summary completion.
all are seems to be easy.
task 1 – letter to the manager on one of colleague behavior
taks 2- some people believe that growing up children in countryside than the city,what do you think , you agree or disagree
Atul, I given both positive and neg view of this and my conclusion i said” I believe it has both advantages and disadvantages , wherever the place the parent like to grow up their child, they need give good human to society” will it be ok or off topic?
1.why think hats are used?
2.in which occasions?
3.have ever wear a cap when you were child?
long turn:
what was the last mistake you made
why and where and how it effected?
I explained but my IELTS practice mistake.
than discussion,
do you know what kind of mistake children make?
so parent supporting them? – I said not all parents are supporting by given an example and she asked but some of them supporting ,is that good? – i said yes that help them to learn and given explanation than she asked ,what if child take it lite and continue to do mistakes?i said they parent need to act according to child mindset.
phew!! she said thats end of speaking test.
Hope this helps to first timers, I know the painf of nerveness
Thanks a lot Atul.


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