AcademicKarachi, Pakistan
Speaking test date 19th October, 2016
R,W,L test date 22nd October, 2016
Speaking part 1:
Tell me your full name please.
Do you currently work or study?
Why did you choose that field?
Tell me about any teacher whom you like during your school days.
What qualities must a teacher have?
Which color do you like most?
Does climate have any effect on color?
Which color do people of your country like most?
Describe a topic on a tall building which you like/Dislike most.
You should say:
Where it is?
What it looks like?
What kind of people live there?
Follow up question:
Have you ever gone there?
Do people like to live in tall buildings?
What are the disadvantages living in tall buildings?
should tall buildings be constructed in historical places?
Do you think designing building is a difficult job?
do you think people should design their own house?
Writing task 2:
The bar graphs shows the percentages of men and women in the UK in 2001 spending their leisure time ( Playing an instrument, reading magazines, fitness training, (one more i forgot))
Writing task 2:
the range and quality of food that we can buy has changed because of technological and scientific advances.Some people think this as an improvement, While others believe that it is harmful.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.


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