Hi everybody!i just came home after giving my IELTS exam(i am from India).So here are the questions I recieved-
Section 1-a woman talking to an insurance agent regarding purchase of a policy for her brother
Section 2- a school principal guiding parents in new school campus(map question)
Section 3- university students talking about success of a project
Section 4- about piping system in Egypt
passage1-about russian dance in 18 century
passage2-downfall of a new zealand housing society
passage2-another historical passage about some very boring artifacts
Task 1 -two bar graphs were given.One showed percentage of male and female students who are school aged but going to secondary school.The other one showed percentage for college aged student studying in high education .Data was given for five regions and was of the year 2000(The graphs wre quite confusing.In the overview, I wrote only about europe as it had the highest percentage in both the graphs,without mentioning any other aspect of the graphs.Is it alright?Will I lose marks)
Task 2-some people think prison sentences are the best way to reduce crime,while others believe there are other better alternate ways.discuss both the views and give your opinion.
Another thing I would like to inform is that the writing sheet I got was quite different from the one available on various sites.I think it has been changed.While the older required candidate to fill only task 1 sheet, in it I had to fill my particulars on both the sheets.this effected my estimate of total word count.


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