Type: AcademicDate: 20.08.2016
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
The first part was about membership in car sharing service; the second was about places of interest and their features; the third was about insects and their usefulness or harmfulness to humanity.
The first section contained a text about the future of individual transport ant two suggested alternative systems of it. Types of questions: True-False-NG and classification (is some information provided about one of the systems or about both of them).
The second: text about three contemporary sculptures. Types of questions: matching paragraph information, multiple choice and short answer questions.
The third: text about factors, influencing cognitive abilities in seniority. List selection, multiple choice and choosing a title (thanks God, only one!)
First: analyse a table with data about percentage of elderly people in population of different regions and estimated values in 2050.
Second: “People drink more and more sugar-based drinks. What are the reasons for that? What can be done to reduce their consumption?”
Speaking: What was the most important skill you learned as a child?


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