I have just had IELTS Academic exam, following are questions:Speaking Part 1: Describe your city , do you think family life in your country has changed , do you think any other individual such as grandmother or uncle should live, for example, with your family ?
Part 2: Describe two people who are from the same family: how they look like ,they are similar or different ,how they get along with each other ?
Reading 1: Passage about potatoes (their history and use)
( I will add the other passages when i remember)
Writing Task 1: Write about the diagram which shows how one particular company produce deep-fried peanuts (diagram was showing the processes/pictures of harvesting the peanuts,removing the shells,placing them in the box (50 kg was written on the box) ,long big vehicle transfers the box to a picture of something (i forgot),peanuts are poured into a pan on fire (190 Centigrade Degrees for 5 minutes) ,fried are put into 4 difeerent boxes (50,100,500,1000 kg respectively) ,finally the vehicle transfers the deep-fried products to shops and small traders
Writing Task 2: Young people today spend increasing amount of their leisure time using devices such as tablets or smartphones for entertainment. Is this a positive or negative development?


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