Module: A, Date: 29-10-2016, Country: UgandaWriting Task 1: a bar chart shows the percentage of people’s (different age groups) expenditure in three categories (clothes, holiday and electrical equipments) in one country in 2009.
Writing Task 2: The best way to understand the others culture to work in a multinational organization. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
Speaking Part 1:
* What is your full name?
* Do you work or study?
* Why you choose this profession?
* Do you like singing?
* What types of music do you like?
* Did you sing when you were a child?
* Is singing common in your country?
* Lets talk about hats or caps, is it so common in your country?
* Why do people like to wear it?
* Wearing hats or caps is it a fashion or practical?
Part 2: Describe an useful app or computer program for a smart phone, computer or tablet that you have used.
* What the app is?
* What you use it for?
* How you know/heard about this app?
Explain why you think it is useful.
Part 3:
* Are people using lots of app nowadays?
* People also using apps for educational purposes, is it a positive trend?
* Should children be monitored while using computer or apps?
* Is it difficult for parents t monitor them?
* Now young people are spending more time with computer, do you think is it good for them?
* How the technology affects to our life styles?
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