Test Date: 8-Oct-2016Location: UAE
General Training
A. Notes on Listening Section:
The first two sections are very similar to the free tests. There was a case when an Avenue name was spelled by the speaker. There were of course questions about dates, times and prices ($). There were many traps in the last sections. One of the multiple choice questions was about the subject of discussion in October. The answers provided in the options were all mentioned in the conversation; one being in Sep, one in Oct and one in the coming year.
B. Notes on Reading Section:
This also included a good number of traps. There was a set of questions where the answer should be ONE word only.
In the last section (the biggest and the most sophisticated), there were 8 paragraphs numbered from A to H, about the history of maps. In the first set of questions, you have to match the given statements to paragraphs numbers, so your answer are A – H. In the last set of questions, they gave 4 statement (related to the map history essay) and gave A- J options (geographic area) to match them with the 4 statements. BY MISTAKE, I first answered this question using the numbers of the related paragraphs instead of using the numbers of the letter of options. Thanks God, I noticed this mistake while reviewing my answers, and managed to correct it.
C. Writing.
Key success criteria: Follow Atul suggestions about planning and number of paragraphs.
1. You and your friend have made an early booking to theatre. However, you can’t now go with him. Write a letter to your friend to (1) apologize (2) mention the reason (3) suggest what to do with your ticket.
2. All over the world, people are spending more time on sports and exercise. Does this development have advantages? Provide your opinion with examples from your experience.
I answered the essay using Atul suggestions. In the first paragraph, I paraphrased the statement , then mentioned that in my option this has several merits, however it introduces challenges.
Next paragraph was about the merits and the next one was the challenges (with linkers like …speaking about…..and Moving to). I concluded by using “To conclude….” and summarized the main points.


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