Academic module( first attempt)Date: July 16(LRW), July 12(S)
Location: UCSI College, PJ
First part
-your name
-where do you live
-do you work or study
-What do you enjoy in your studies
-do you study better in the morning/ afternoon
-do you think it is good to have practical work like hands on experiment for the children
-have you done any practical work when you were a child
-when do you see people performing dance
-it is good to observe other people dance
second part
-Describe about an article on newspaper/ magazine that you have read
-where do you see it
-what is it about
– why do you like the article
– do you still keep the article with you
Third part
– is magazine popular in your country and why
-comparing books and magazines, which are more popular
-what are the types of magazine that people in your country read
-talking about teens magazine,what are the advantages and disadvantages of it for the teenagers
– which is of the better quality, the news/info shown on the TV or published in a magazine
-talking about journalism, how journals are able to influence people in your country
Task 1: cocoa production in 6 different countries. Table was given
Task 2: many countries spend high amount of money on internet access. explain why is this happening. do you think it is a good way to use the government’s money?
Academic module(second attempt)
date: Aug 18(S), Aug 20 (L,R&W)
venue: IDP Subang Jaya & Unitar
First part
-studies & practical work (similar to the questions in my first attempt)
-do you like music
-do you prefer CD or live band
-if you had a chance to go to a live band, would you go and why
-has your preference of music change over the years
second part
describe a time where you first communicate in foreign language(not your first language)
-when was it
-with whom do you communicate with
-what did you talk about
third part
– when do you think is the best age to start learning foreign languages in school
-how can a teacher make the foreign language classes interesting for the students
-is it good to organize a school trip to foreign country
-knowing how to speak foreign languages improves international relationship. what is your opinion
-in your opinion, speaking and reading, which is easier and why
– is it necessary for a person to know how to write using foreign language
-how beneficial it is for a child to know many foreign languages
Task 1: Average cost for international students of studying master program in three different countries. bar graph was given
Task 2: some cities are gradually changing from driving a car to riding a bicycle but some people in the other cities still prefer driving than cycling. explain the reasons for the development and suggest which is better


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