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Today we start with the "Writing Task 2". This is the section that most IELTS candidates struggle the most with. It is also the one that needs the most practice to improve. So make sure that you go over today's lesson multiple times until you understand every single word of it.

Lets get started without any further delay.

In IELTS Writing Task 2,

you are given brief details of an opinion, an argument or a problem,

and have to produce an extended piece of discursive writing (an essay) in response.

You need to write at least 250 words and

should spend about 40 minutes on this task.


While other IELTS courses and websites give you model answers for a 100 different topics, this is not the best way to prepare for Writing Task 2.

Firstly, you will never be able to memorise essays for all possible topics and secondly if you get a new topic that you have never seen before you will not know how to craft your response.

So let's look at a step by step process on how to write a great writing task 2 essay every time ... no matter what the topic.


  1. Yoshiaki Higuchi 1 year ago

    Is there general training TASK2??

    • Author

      Dear Yoshiaki,

      Writing Task 2 is the same for both general and academic.


  2. preet 11 months ago

    You were supposed to receive a friend at the airport. But, for some reasons you are unable to do so. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter
    – explain why you can’t come,
    – guide them regarding other options to get to your home,
    – describe the plans/visits you made to show them around when your friend arrives.

    Dear Honey,
    How are you? I know you will be excited to visit India next month. I am writing this letter to tell you that I will not be able to receive you at Airport as I have very important exam on same day which is compulsory for every student. otherwise I have to wait for next two years. But don’t worry I have arrange something else to pick you up from the Airport.
    When you will reach airport my brother will be there to receive you from the airport to my home. I have already given him your flight schedule and timing of your arrival. Till then you may take rest in my home and have lunch with my family.
    In the evening, I will reach home and will enjoy a lot with you. I have made so much big plans to enjoy with you. First we will go to religious place to pay obeisance. Further, we will enjoy dinner in your favourite restaurant, hope your remember.
    So will meet you very soon. Bye.
    Love you,

    please check my task and send to my email

    • Author
      IELTS Online Practice 11 months ago

      Dear Preet,

      Happy new year to you and your family!

      I have sent you an email with my comments.


  3. Gunjan Sharma 11 months ago

    Hi Atul
    I was wondering where can I submit my task 2 answers for marking?
    Kind Regards

    • Author
      IELTS Online Practice 11 months ago

      Dear Gunjan,

      Send your writing and speaking tasks for corrections via dropbox. Here is the link to submit assignments to Dropbox:

      You can submit handwritten assignments too. However, before you submit your handwritten assignment, make sure the scan is clear and readable. Merge all the pages in the correct order using a free online tool like or camscanner. This will prevent any delays in marking your assignments.

      For speaking, you can record your voice answering all 3 parts of the speaking test, and upload the recording to the dropbox address provided above.

      If you want, you can also choose any task from another website or book and send it for marking.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

      I look forward to helping you achieve your target IELTS score.


  4. Gursharan Deep 2 months ago

    Can u evaluate plzzzzzzz

    Some people prefer to travel around town by car, while others prefer public transit such as bus, train, or subway.
    Discuss both these positions and give your own opinion.

    There are abundant of means of transport,which are use by individuals for traveling. Segment of society use their private vehicles for traveling. However, opponents first priority is public transportation. In this essay i will discuss both veiw points and give my opinion in conclusion.

    To initiate with benifits of using private vehicles. Firstly, private cars are luxury because companies provides ample of features to reduce the burden of traveling.people can easily travel from one place to that place, which is far away from them. This is due to comfortable seats and sound system in cars.secondly, personal cars reduce the time of traveling. Individual can run their car fast in emergency because escalator is in hands of individual.evantually, there are plathora of reasons why individual choose private transport to travel around the city.

    On the other hand, some people gives their preference to public transport because it is cheapest mode of transport. Individual can travel with the low cost as compare to private cars. In addition, environment is also protected by public transport.many people can travel in one time for instance, if more people travel in the busses then it will decrease the consumption of fuel in private vehicles and less gases are emitted from them. Therefor, traveling with public transport have many advantages to people that’s why they choose

    To recapitulate, although own cars helps to save time, it adversely cause to environment.hence, i percieve that government should encourage individual to travel with public transport bay reduceing the cost of tickets

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