Let's recap everything that we have learnt so far about IELTS Writing Task 2.


Here's a check list for Writing Task 2. Follow this check list and you are guaranteed to score Band 7+ in IELTS Writing.

  1. First off, read & understand the topic of the essay for Writing Task 2.
  2. Identify all the key parts of the question.
  3. Brainstorm and organize your ideas to ensure that each of your ideas is fully explained and well supported with examples.
  4. If the question asks for your opinion, make sure you state it clearly and you don’t contradict that view throughout the rest of the essay.
  5. Learn the structure of an essay: Introduction , body paragraphs, conclusion
  6. Do not copy the question word for word for your introduction or else those words will be deducted from your total word count. Instead always paraphrase the question in your own words.
  7. You MUST write a conclusion/overview at the end. Don’t add new information in your conclusion. Instead, rephrase your key points, and give a strong ending sentence that ties everything together.
  8. Always write in a formal tone and use it consistently throughout the essay.
  9. Do not use bullet points or short notes.
  10. Use a wide range of grammatical structures and vocabulary.
  11. Remember to follow the 4 C's of essay writing.
  12. Practice and learn synonyms so your writing has a range of vocabulary and does not become repetitive.
  13. Write at least 250 words. Anything less, you will lose marks.Ideally the essay should be about 250-280 words.
  14. Write neatly, as the person who is marking your essay should be able to easily read and understand what you have written.
  15. Do Task 2 first, as it is worth twice as much as Task 1, so priority should be placed here.
  16. Practice makes perfect. Write as many practice essays as you can, and have them marked by an English teacher for mistakes.

  17. Practice timing yourself at home, and stick to the allotted time for each section. During the real test, bring a watch and manage your time carefully.
  18. Check your writing. If you finish with extra time, look over your essay for any spelling, grammar, or other mistakes you might find.

Frequently asked questions about IELTS Writing Task 2

Q: Will I lose marks if I write too many words (400-500) in my essay? 

A: There is no penalty for writing more than 250 words for writing task 2. However, there are also no extra marks for writing more. In fact, the more you write, the more you may end up making spelling or grammar mistakes. It is much better to write around 280 words within 35 minutes and spend the last 5 minutes reviewing your work for mistakes.

Q: Will I lose marks if my handwriting is very poor? 

A: In IELTS, handwriting does not affect your scores directly. The scoring rubric does not have any points for handwriting. However, it affects your score indirectly. i.e if your handwriting is illegible, the examiner will think that you have misspelled a word and will mark you lower on lexical resources. The examiner will not give you the benefit of doubt if she is not sure about the words you have written.

Moreover, handwriting also affects the overall impression on the examiner. Remember that IELTS examiners are humans and like all humans they form their first impressions looking at your handwriting. The clearer your work, the better first impression you will make on the examiner.

In the end, a good handwriting, and a neat and tidy essay will only help, not harm your score.


Here are some more tips and strategies for improving your band score in IELTS writing:

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Popular Essay Topics for Writing Task 2

Topics for IELTS writing task 2 are usually related to some issue or problem that is currently affecting society and you need to discuss it. In recent IELTS exams, topics have mostly dealt with:

  1. Environment
  2. Education
  3. Crime
  4. Animal rights
  5. Health
  6. The Internet
  7. Tourism
  8. Jobs

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Nice .. You're An IELTS Writing Ninja ;)

No one can stop you from scoring Band 7+ in IELTS writing. Well Done!!!

Take a breather before marching on to the next module.

Have questions or comments about this lesson or any other lesson add a comment below.

  1. Misha Nahar 4 years ago

    I mostly get 6.5 overall in writing module.
    Suggest me to do writing to get 7. Because i need 7 in each module.
    Is it even compulsory to use heavy vocabulary to increase band score.

    • Author
      IELTS Online Practice 4 years ago

      Dear Misha,

      Many IELTS candidates make the mistake of trying to use very complex words in their essays. You do not have to use too many uncommon and difficult words to get a higher band score. Rather focus on things that are easy to improve. This includes:
      1) Writing relevant arguments and extending them with supporting details.
      2) Structuring your essay into well defined paragraphs, each dealing with a single point of view.
      3) Writing more than 250 words… and so on.

      Go over the list that I have provided on this page and see which tips you can include in your essay today without spending more time and effort on learning new grammar and challenging words.

      Hope this helps.


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