The recently launched IELTS Speaking WhatsApp has been very active since last week. In fact, several IELTS candidates practice speaking with a partner daily through the group. If you are looking to find a speaking partner for IELTS, join the IELTS Speaking practice group today! Given how useful the speaking group has been in helping members, I've also setup a FREE IELTS Writing Focus WhatsApp Group.
*How to use this group*
  1. This group's purpose is to help IELTS candidates discover and share resources, tips and strategies to improve their scores in the IELTS Writing module.
  2. Ask questions and help each other. I will try to pitch in and answer questions too from time to time.
  3. Share your recent IELTS exam topics.
  4. Make sure you have read the rules below to avoid being blocked form the group. If you feel any member has violated the rules of the group, report them to me.
  5. Finally, happy practicing!
⚖ *Here are the rules for the group* ⚖ *Forbidden activities that will get you blocked from the group*
  1. Links of other groups or websites
  2. Links to porn and inauspicious media
  3. Useless links, photos and videos. Eg. Good morning and good night messages, jokes etc.
  4. Advertisements of products or services
  5. Being inactive
  6. Texting or calling any member without their permission
  7. Abusing or harassing any member
  8. Interference with group's icon, description or subject
  9. Conversations on religion, caste, colour, race and country
  10. Any other language except English through any medium text ,voice ,image or video .

Useful resources for IELTS preparation:

All these can help you prepare for IELTS exam. Finally, if you need feedback from an experienced IELTS teacher for your writing or speaking tasks, simply subscribe to one of our CORRECTION packs Follow on Twitter: @IELTS_T20 Like on Facebook Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

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