IELTS Writing Task 2 essay with model answer

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic

In some parts of the world it is becoming popular to research the history of one’s own family. Why might people want to do this? Is it positive or negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer:

Who am I? Where did I come from? These questions are fascinating and intriguing to many people. It has been observed that there is an increasing trend where people are attempting to find out more about their family history. In this essay, I examine the push factors for such a phenomenon and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this trend.

People are motivated to research about their family history for several reasons. Firstly, it is likely that they are curious on whether their ancestors were famous historical figures. This curiosity can be beneficial since people can learn more about their ethnic backgrounds. People could be more appreciative of their own cultures and roots. Secondly, with the invention of internet, people can easily conduct research or even sign up for online services to help trace the history of their great grandparents.

Knowing more about one’s family history can help to foster close-knitted relationships with the existing family members. From this perspective, this can help to improve one’s quality of life. Furthermore, a search of a global data base helps to identify and to contact long lost family lines around the world. However, the research process may not always be positive since historical data might be unavailable or inaccurate.  People might also become upset if they find out that their ancestors were notorious criminals of their times.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that if one can engage the research process and the findings of one’s roots with an open mind, the pros of such an attempt outweigh the cons.


Total Words:258

Task Achievement: 9

Coherence & Cohesion: 9

Lexical resources: 9

Grammar: 8

Overall Score: Band 9

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