Academic English18th November 11:00a.m
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
What’s your full name?
Do you live in a flat or in an apartment?
Tell me something about your apartment.
Is there easy to access by public transportation?
Do you read newspapers or magazines?
How often you read them?
Read in other language can improve your skills on that language?
Do you think in the future 50 years the printing newspaper still existing?
Do you like flowers?
Is common in your culture give flowers as a gift?
Have you ever grown flowers?
2 minutes of free speaking about: a journey that i do not liked
– why I did that
– how often I do that
– how I get there
Why I think in my country people prefer to travel abroad?
Is travel important to learn new cultures?
Work or study in a country you can learn more about a place than tourists?
Can I learn about new cultures just reading about that?
Do you think tourism damage the envirolment?
Note: I have difficults to listen what the examinater was talking because she speaks not loudly. So, unfortunately I had you request her to repeat some questions at least 3 times.


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