Hi Atul,I’d like to thank you for the immense help. Your blog is the best and very insightful and informative.
I sat for IELTS GT on 19th November, 2016.
Venue- Kolkata,India.
Task 1
Youre moving to a new country to join a new company. One of your family member is moving with you too and is willing to work with your company too. Write a letter to your manager-
1 Introduce yourself
2. Tell him/her about your family member
3. Tell how he/she suits your company
Task 2
Staying in hotels isnt the best way to know the people and culture of a foreign country.
Do you agree/disagree? Why?
Tell about your home- Is it a house or an Apartment?
What view do you get from the apartment?
Do you like living there? Is there a negative thing associated with it?
Is being close to your family normal in your culture?
Cue Card
Tell us about a time when you forgot about your appointment?
Why it hapenned?
How did you feel about it?
Do you think analytical skills or good memory- which one is more needed for a successful career.
Do you think technology is making people too much reliant on gadgets?
One again thanks a lot Atul for your help.


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