Hi AtulI could not recall all the questions.However, I am posting whatever I remember.I hope this will be useful to the students.
-Type of test : Academic
-Date of test : 26 November, 2016
-Location : Chandigarh, India.
Task 1 – The pictures below depict the changes that a common room in a school has gone through over a period of five years.
Task 2 – Some people think that the traditional values should be followed by the youth. While others believe that the youngsters should practice whatever they desire. Discuss both the sides and give your opinion. Add relevant examples from your personal experience.
Passage 1 – Something about art.
Passage 2 – Something about the quarries in ancient Egypt and the way in which stones were transported down the river Nile.
Passage 3 – Something about a disorder.
Part 1
What is your full name?
Are you a student or you work?
Why did you choose this particular course?
What would you like to do after completing your study?
Part 2
Do you like visiting the places near water?
What activities you do there?
Could you describe one such visit to a place near water?
Do you think it is necessary for everyone to learn swimming?
Have you ever been in a boat or a ship?
Do you always carry a bag with you?
What kind of bags do you like?
Do you choose different types of bags to carry different things?
What things you keep in mind when you choose a bag?
Have you ever lost a bag?
Part 3
Cue Card – Describe a tall building that you like or dislike.
-What kind of building it is?
-Where it is?
-Why do you like or dislike it?
What are the problems related to the tall buildings?
Why there is a need to construct tall buildings?
Why are tall buildings constructed mostly in metropolitan cities?
What do you think is better- expanding an existing city or establishing a new one?
What could be the problems faced by people in that situation?
What things should be kept in mind while expanding or establishing a city?
Atul, I am very grateful to you for your tips and videos.The content of your website has been really helpful to me and your website is a great place to gain knowledge.I appreciate the way you provide guidance and I keep recommending your website to others.
May god bless you.


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