Hi Atul,i would like to thank you for your coure and your website for my IELTs preparation.
Type: Academic
Country : Singapore
Date :11/12/2016
I am unable to recall the questions for listening, however, here are some that i can remember, the concept is more on multiple choices, map of a gym, telephone inquiry on a entertainment park, about book references.
For reading, the passage that i can remember is about leonardo da vinci and his painting authencity, 3rd about an article on birth orders. the other one im really sorry, i cant remember.
For writing,
Task 1, a line graph on birth rates per 1000 women in the UK between 1973-2008 according to 6 category of age groups.
Task 2,
More people travel to another countries.
Why is this the case?
Is it a positive or negative development?
I have my speaking tests today 12/12/16.
Tell me your full name?
how do i call you?
Where do you live? Tell me more about your place your living currently?
Tell me more about your country’s transportation system?
Do you read magazines and newspaper?
What are the impacts on reading these magazines and newspaper?
Do you think to learn foreign languages, by reading newspaper or magazines helps?
Part 2
Tell me about an event that change happened to you, what is it, how you feel and what is the impact that the change gives you?
Do you think there is change in your working place?
Do you think there is change in the society?
Part 3.
Do you think that the young people are not working hard enough in this era?
What are the measures that can take place to improve the situation of the young people ?
What do you think of having park in the town?
Will you allow your children to play in the park?
I do not know why my questions for part 3 is just a few… but i hope ive answered the questions.
This is my 2nd attempt.
thank you Atul!


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