Hi Atul, First of all, I would like to say big thank you for your web-site and videos along the way.
I am pretty sure than you have helped a large numbers of people
I took the exam on the last weekend and I would like to share the questions and hope it can help others.
The type : Academic
Date: 28th May
Location: Tokyo (Japan)
Part 1:
Where are you from?
Can you describe your home town.
What young people do in your hometown?
Do you wear a hat?
What kind of occasion do people usually wear hat in your country?
What do you like to do on the weekend?
What will you do on the next weekend?
Discribe a friend that you like to spend time with.
Do you wish you could spend more time with her/him?
Do you think the Internet helps you in the way you communicate?
( I think this question is because I described my friend in abroad. So, it may not happen)
Part 3:
Do you think people spend enough time with their friends or family?
Do you think it is important to spend your free time with friends or family?
How does SNS affect people and spend their time on the SNS? Do you think this phenomenon contributes a lack of communication between your family/friends?
Task 1:
Given bar chart illustrated the amounts of citrus-fruits exported in the top three countries in 2012. and Citrus-fruits are divided into few categories: oranges, lemon, grapefruits… and sorry I don’t remember specifically.
Task 2:
Young people increasingly admire Media and sports starts.
Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
* Be careful people, this question is regarding the affect of “media-starts” and “sports stars”.
I misunderstood that part and presented “media” and “sports stars”.
Thank you once again Atul, for your awesome supports along the way.
I hope this can help other students too.
Warmest regards,


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