Today was my IELTS test.Test location: Sydney, Australia.
Date: 21.01.2017
Writing task 1:
Three pie charts shows percentages of what students did after leaving secondary school between 1980 and 2000. Unemployed, employed and in further education were the elements of the pie charts. This was the easiest task 1 i have ever had, and it boosted my confidence so i think i did well – hopefully enough for a 7-8 band score.
Task 2: many young people are spending much of their free time in shopping malls. This has negative effects on both the individuals and the society.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
I had 3 body paragraphs that outlined the negative effects of spending a great deal of time in shopping malls in three different areas, which are social connectedness (more time in shopping malls, less with family and friends), the nature of this activity (i.e. It is not as productive as recreational and physical activities- time could be effectively spent on these), and how it promotes consumerism.
I ensured that my answer linked to the issue, and explained the effects on the youth as well as the society. My only concern is that i wrote about 260 words and had 3 body paragraphs (in addition to the intro and conclusion), which means that my ideas could be not well expanded or supported, but i’m pretty sure i gave examples, used conditionals and explained some of my ideas.
Crossing my fingers for a minimum of band 6.5.


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