Hello Mam,This is Piash from Bangladesh. I took my IELTS test on 19th of Nov, 2016 at Dhaka under British Council.
Task 1: a table on the health care facilities available in three Euroean Countries.
Task 2: Give your opinion on Should women be encouraged to participate in police or military force?
General: your name?
Do you work or study?
Why have you choosen the subject?
What kind of bags do you use?
what do you consider while choosing a bag?
Have you ever lost any bag?
CUE CARD: Tell about a gift that you have presented to someone recently? to whom, why? how the receiver felt.
Do childrens in your country get gift? in which occations? what they usually get?
do you think weapons are dangerous gift for them? do you think all gifts must be educational? name one gift that is not educationally important? why do you think that is not educationally important? etc.
and… Thanks a lot Atul for your informative blog and videos. helped me a lot.
Please keep me in your prayers.


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