I took my IELTS academic exam on the 28 of May in Alberta Canada and what I clearly remembered was the writing task 1> Its a Bar graph for the postgraduate dissertation paper from 1990,2000 and 2010 with the parallel axis showing the status and on the vertical with the number of students numbered from 0-500 i believe and its on 50 interval.
Writing task 2.
> News that we watched as well as we read has no direct bearing on our lives(something like this but not the exact wordings.) Do you agree or disagree?
For speaking :
1. Do you like art?why or why not? to you what is art?
2.Name an artist that you admire most(painter,musician,….) why?
3.What is it that you admired him most and its contribution.
4.What is the main achievement of this artist and how does it impact you?
Part 3
1.Is social media an art?
2.How do you think those pictures we saw on television be an art? Does it contribute anything when we watch news with pictures? why?
3.At work how do you apply the concept of art?
4. Is it possible to become artistic without spending anything?
For reading, I remember I had this answer but not in order though.
1.Not given( Evidence of Uruk civiAtulation still in Mesopotamia)
2.True(Uruk people seeks new trends in building thier homes)
3.new skills
This are so far the ones I remembered . Is there anyone here who took the same text questions ?


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