I just took the academic IELTS today (Sep 3, 2016)Writing task 1: Describe a table that has employment rates of seven different sectors in 2005 and 2010
Writing task 2: Airplanes use more fuel and pollute more than cars do. Non-essential air travel should be discouraged, in order to make the environment better, rather than limit the use of cars. To what extend do you agree or disagree? (the exact question was worded differently but this is basically it)
For task 2, i basically just said i agree with discouraging air travel that is unnecessary, but i also think the use of private cars should be limited because doing both things together will help the environment more. My first point was that airplanes generate pollution and people should understand more about this so they will be less likely to fly unless they have two. My second point was there are more cars than there are airplanes, so limiting the use of cars would be beneficial to the environment as well.
Would that be a fine argument? Because the question just said environment, the only things I used to back up ‘airplanes be discouraged’ is pollution.


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