18th June 2016, in Boston.Hi Atul and others,
Writing task 1: It was table for number of cinemas in European country for different location (city center, near city center, suburbs, countryside) in two different years 2004 and 2009. the question ask you to describe the main feature and compare the relevant data.
Writing task 2: it say that in past when you used to travel abroad you will experience and see different things. But nowadays almost all the countries look similar and you can get the same experience in your country. the question asked to write reasons for that and say do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?
For reading I don’t real remember the topic but:
Passage 1 was about history and piano tune made by Albert Sunders.
passage 2 was about West Canada immigration and transcontinental railroad.
passage 3 was about science fiction. mentioned different authors name and philosophy about other different definitions.
speaking part 1:
what’s your full name? where are you from? talk about you city you live in right now?
what do you prefer, celebrating birthday with your family or friend? how do people in your country celebrate children birthdays? okay let’s speak about caps and hats? what kind of hate do you like to wear when you were child? why did you like to wear it? does your country have any kind of special hats for them to wear? and why is it special for your people?
speaking part 2:
what kind of things do you do to save money?
say how?
why did you start doing it and where?
Speaking part 3:
what way do you think we can do to teach children about saving money?
when you were child did some one teach you how to save money?
did you teach child before how to save money?
what things government can do to teach people about saving money?
do you think this going to work?
Listening sections I don’t remember exactly but it had map for company that starting to add bicycle stations inside their company hall, plus questions about the bicycle it self and why the company want to provide to the employees. Then, there were two research sections one about person prepare for his final exam interview and was asking teacher for advice, and the other one was research about happiness. and first section I think it was about someone asking lease office to rent apartment.
that’s all what I remembered, so I hope it will be helpful for others.


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