Hi Atul,I had my IETLS General through this weekend. (Speaking , LRW)
Speaking Part 2) Place that you visited which was exciting- where, how and why is it exciting
Part 3) Follow up q’s on tourism, how geography affects tourism, and planned and unplanned city- adv and disadv
Listening: Quite Easy- All sections were fill in the blanks with one word max and one section with 3 words/number. Did not find any flowchart/ diagrams to mark.
Reading- Easy (Surprisingly) – Sec 1, 2- only TFNG and Fill in the blank
Sec 3 Quite complex- about abacus and history of calculators- few q’s were tricky
Writing: Part 1- Letter to colleague from another company to ask about a particular product that you found interesting.
Writing Part 2- Some people believe earning is for spending and few others believe that earning is to secure future- Discuss both views and give your opinion. Include examples from own experience.
I have one query about a TFNG Question in Reading:
Para: Children between 5 to 15 will be getting discounted fared while travelling in bus
Quest: Children from age 5 will get reduced fares for their travel in bus.
Is this a T/F answer? Awaiting your reply.


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