Test Type: GTLocation: Islamabad(Pakistan)
Date: 10 Dec 2016
What is your name?
Can i see your ID Please?
Where do you live?
Do u like visitors?
How you enjoy with visitors?
Do you eat choclate?
Why you eat choclate?
Did u eat choclate during ur childhood?
Why people like choclate to eat?
Cue Card:
Describe an intresting event which u did in ur free time?
with which,where and when,wht happened?
PArt #3
questions about cinimas
1st: Membership about club
2nd: Australlian Animal Park with map
3rd: dont remember
4th: about cyrus history A king
1st: About different swimming clubs and gyms
4th: About letter
5th: Sahra History engraved painting, horses camel etc
Write a letter to offer a ticket of a concert which u have bought earlier n now u are unable to attend that concert
give some reason for not attending the concert.
give details about concert
how u give him that ticket.
Write a essay about increasing amount of rabbish(garbage) creats pollution.
give details of causes and its effect?
what we should do tackle this problem


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