16 July 2016Indonesia, Surabaya
Listening Test:
Section 1: Trip, Tour Guide, Japanese tourist
Section 2: Maps
Section 3: Tutor, college life, presentation
Section 4: Chimpanzees
Reading: In my opinion, it was the hardest part. It was difficult for me to search the answer, I tried to focus on keywords, so I have to read the whole part. Luckily, there was no heading match at all, but a lot of True / False / Not given questions.
Topic: Memory, Agriculture (I’m sorry I can’t remember)
Task 1 (WT1): table, coco-bean production in 6 regions
Task 2 (WT2): In many countries, the government spent a lot of money on internet network, others believe it isn’t right decision. Discuss both, opinion.
Part1: Your home design, neighbors, craft in your country and the important for child
Part2: Recent News / Magazine that you read. What, When, How, Why it’s important – interesting?
Part3: Related to magazine, technology, the change in news, the positive and negative effect of news to the young generation.
PS; I’m so sorry that it is a bit too late and I can’t explain more (lack of memory). I hope it will help.
My weaknesses are reading and speaking test. But this time, the hardest part for me was reading. In my opinion for reading, if the answer is well hidden so it’s a difficult question. It looks like the practice test plus book which is more difficult rather than Cambridge book.
And in speaking test, sometimes the examiner asked me a new question before I finished my answer. But, I didn’t give any pauses, tried to speak naturally, right tempo. What’s the matter with that? I’m so afraid
Honestly, it isn’t my first time to take IELTS. My target is 6.5 and no bellow 6. So, wish me luck :’)


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