Today, I had given my speaking test here are the details:Centre: Karachi, Pakistan (AEO)
Date: November 15, 2016
Type: General Training
-Do you live or do you work?
-Why do you like this job?
-Let’s talk about gifts and presents, in which occasions in your country people give gifts?
-Why do people give gifts to each other?
-Do you think gifts should be expensive?
-Do you like giving gifts?
-Have you ever made any gift for anyone?
-Let’s talk about newspaper, do you like reading newspaper and magazines?
-Which magazine section you read the first?
-Do you think that reading newspaper is good for learning any foreign language?
-Do you think that in 50-60 years of time newspapers and magazines will still be sold in hard copies and people will still buy them?
-What do you think that are the major differences between countryside and urban side?
-Do you think that people from rural side are moving to cities?
-Do you think that agriculture will be affected if people will keep moving to cities?
-Describe a town in your city which you like and visit, you should say:
*Why do you like it?
*how often do you visit?
*what do you do when you visit/ why do you visit?
After my description:
(When did you last visit this town?)
Section 3:
-We have been talking about countryside issues and problems, let’s talk about major cities. What do you think about major problems of cities?
-Do you think that people are not aware of this problem?
-What major problems you think are in your city?
-Do you think that these problems can be resolved?
and some more questions which I forgot.
My speaking test duration was too long, I was fluent like a native and she did not stop me at all in any section, i kept going and going and going but the variety and quantity of questions were shocking for me, as you can see that in section one she asked so many different type of topics altogether. She was literally making questions from my answers, it was like a normal conversation to me than the interview. I told some of my friends and they said teh same thing that questions were too many and diverse. What do you think about it? just out of curiosity.
I just need 7 in speaking and although I did many mistakes of grammar and I was also not coherent especially in section 2 I guess I will get 7 bands. *Fingers Crossed*


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