hello everyoneAcademic module, Russia, St-Petersbirg 20 08 16
writing 1 – table – future prediction
6 lines – regions of the world
2 columns – percentage of people over 60 years of age in 2000 and 2005
writing 2 – essay – something like this: more and more people drink sugar-based drinks. causes and solutions
reading was about
1. 2 new transportation systmes,
2. 3 modern sculptures in England
3. scientific researches and opinions on brain functioning in the old age
Listening was very simple in section 1 and 2, and a bit confusing in section 3
– where do you live
– do you plan to live there in the future
– do you read papers and magazines
– do you think they will be used in 50 years from now
– do you like sunny weather
– what do you usually do in this weather, what is your favourite activity in sunny weather
– some people say that when you learn a foreign language it is better to read newpapers and magazines in foreign languages, what is your opinion
– cue card: tell about something that you shared with someone (when, with whom, why)
– sharing things: what do different people feel about sharing?
– how should people teach children to share things with others? is it important?
– is there anything they shouldn’t share?
– teamwork: what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team
– when you win a prize is it better to win it personally or as a team? why?


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