Hi,Took IELTS General Speaking today, India Chennai. LRW tomorrow.
Part 1
do u live in house/apt?
do u love the place
what would you want to modify in your home in the future?
Do u know anybody from history who inspired you?
Have you learnt history from films?
Have u visited any historical places recently?
Are u interested in learning history?
Do u like sunshine?
what will u do on a sunny day?
Which climate u prefer, more sunny or less sunny why?
Part 2:
Describe something which you always wanted to do?
Why you haven’t done this yet?
Part 3:
Goals of young people
1. Does goals changes as the people age?
2. Who should play a role in designing goals?
3. Does parents have any say in the goals?
4. Goals of a country?
5. Can the goal be universal for all the countries?
6. What about the use of solar energy?
7. Is it cost-effective?
8. Does the energy produced is always in conflict with the environment?


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