Exam date Date: 04.01.2017/City -> Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Examiner. Marie.Speaking questions.
Part 1.
Do you study or work?
Do you ever feel that you have to study harder?
Do you prefer to have one best friend or many friends?
How often do you usually meet with your friends?
What do you usually do with your friends?
Do you think you will make more friends in the future?
Is it easy for you to travel from home to college?
Tell me about the longest travel?
Do you enjoy travelling?
do you think public transport will improve in the future? (I could not exactly recall this last question)
Part 2.
Tell about the book you read and want to read again.
what is the name of the book,
when you read it
who suggested you this book
explain why you want to read this book again.
Part 3.
Do you think that people of your age read a lot?
Do you believe that modern devices made reading haabits easier?
Did people in the past read books as much as people do these days?
How will reading habits change in the future?
In the first part the examiner tried to stop me with gestures, because I went beyond the time limit. Perhaps, my answers were rather long. I am worried about the coherency & cohesion. My answers were rather lengthy. I am afraid that my attempt to use collocations was quite obvious. I tried to use collocations that came to my mind while I was speaking, trying to adopt them to the speech.
In the Part 2, I stated that I read novel, but later I mention that as non-fiction, by mistake. I confused the word fiction with non-fiction. Is that so bad? My answer was short, the examiner encouraged me to go on with her hand. I felt that I lost valuable mark, because of short talk on Part 2. I am not satisfied with my performance on this part. Follow-up question was given as well.
Part three was quite a heated discussion, I felt rather confident. One time, I stopped for like 2 seconds, not being able to continue because no word came to my mind. I just used the phrase “How can I explain this”. I know that this is a wrong phrase to use, but i couldn;t help. Can you please point out the things that I did wrong? How badly does that affect on my mark?


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