Hi Everyone!Sorry I’m sharing late but just thought to thank Atul for this valuable website and his guidance. I had my test on 29th of October 2016 and speaking was a week earlier.
General Training
Lahore, Pakistan
Part 1- General questions regarding hometown, job, why did u chose this job etc. Almost 6-8 questions.
Part 2- Cue Card- Tell me about a creative person you admire (inventor, musician, artist etc)
What’s his creative skill
What do you admire about his skill
What is his recent achievement
Part-3 Follow up questions regarding creativity and other things. 8-10 questions in total.
Beehan festival
Peer assessment
Employee benefits
Bringing dodo back to life
(Reading was quite tough and confusing as well as challenging)
Task 1- Write a letter to your manager to suggest best employee of the year
Task 2- children spend more time with electronic games instead of playing with other toys or friends now a days.
Tell us why is it happening
Is it a positive or a negative development
Thank you Atul as your blog helped me and the tips worked for me. I prepared for 10 to 15 days for the test giving 1 hour to preparation daily. It was my first attempt n I needed 7 each.
Here is my result
Speaking 7.5
Listening 8.5
Reading 7.0
Writing 7.5
I’m quite happy


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