Hi Atul, my exam was on 29th April, India, Punjab and speaking was on 23rd April,Speaking:
general questions related to my work?
why i opted this?
what work would i like to do in future?
why would i do that?
Then Bags:
do i carry bags?
which sort of bags i like to carry?
does the options changes according to scenario?
why you like branded bags?
then somethings on chocolates:
if i like chocolates?
did i like when i was a child?
did i gave chocolates as a gift to someone?
Then my cue card was:
A happy moment for which i prepared
> what was it?
> what arrangements?
> how the event went?
Cross questions:
why should we do preparations?
what are the consequences if we do not make necessary preparations?
How should parents prepare their children to be ready on their toes?
why should parents prepare their children?
what preparations you do before leaving for job daily?
Although every why was troubling me but i tried to manage.
LRW- 29th April
Listening was quite easy.
>passage 1 was easy to find. It was related to Marine clocks something
>passage 2 was bit complicated. I was related to renewable energy sources.
>passage 3 was again easy related to honeybee pollination.
> Task 1– 2 line graphs related to count of policemen and crime rates as per 2 cities.
> Task 2– As computers are very quick in translating various languages, some people say it is useless now to learn any new foreign languages? To what extent do you agree or disagree?


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