Name: MrudhulaLWR Test Date: 29th April 2017
Writing Topic: Task1: an informal letter to a friend who informed you that he will visit you next month and it is not possible. you need to apologise, explain the reason and suggest an alternative
Task2: Do you think that students also should be involved in how a school should be run. give relevant examples from your experience.
Speaking Test Date: 30th April 2017
Task1: 1.Do you study or Work?
2. Why did you choose this job?
3. what would you like to be in future?
4. Do you eat chocolates?
5. why do you think chocolates are popular in most countries?
6. did you ever gift chocolates?
7.Did you eat chocolates when you are a child?
Task 2: Do you watch movies?
what is your favourite film and when did you watch that film?
what did you like in that film.
Task3: What kind of films are poplular in the country and why do you think so
do you think there is lot of money involved in making of films
is there any difference in the kind of movies youngsters and elders choose?
why do some people love to watch old balck and white movies.
Do you think a country should have its own film industry?
Do you think in future original actors will be replaced with their computer images? and why do you think so.


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