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Syed Talha Hussain - November 19, 2016

At the outset, I would like to profoundly thank you for the invaluable guidance posted on this site, along with the videos. These were of immense help to me and increased my confidence to sit for the test today, 19th November.
The Writing Task 2 question in today’s paper was
“Some people say that staying in a hotel in a foreign country when on a holiday is not the best way to get to know about the country and its people”
Discuss your opinion
Give answers to your opinion and include relevant example from your experience….

Leona - Melbourne - November 19, 2016

Test date: 19/11/2016
Melbourne Australia
Writing Task 1:
The maps show the same area of a village in 1910 and 2010.
Writing Task 2:
Some people say we do not need printed paper newspapers anymore.
To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Dina - Melbourne - November 19, 2016

"Hi Atul ,
First I would like to thank you for your effort in this useful website . I bought your IELTS Ultra course and they were perfect and helped me so much.
I had my exam today : 19 November 2016
Location : Australia
Speaking :
Part 1
Where do you live ?
Describe your house?
What do you see from the windows?
Your favourite celebrity in your country ?
Do you follow celebrities’ news?
Do you want to be a celebrity ? Why?
Do you like holidays?
What is the enough time for a holiday?
Remember a good holiday you had?
Part 2
A happy event that you were expecting and how did you prepare for it
What is the event ?
Who shared you preparation?
Were you successful in these preparations?
Part 3
Are you a type of person that prepare early before anything?
How we prepare kids to have a better future?
What sort of things you need to prepare before?
Why we should prepare before the things?
How students prepare before exams?
Some people say that early preparation make life loses its fun , what do you think ?
Writing test:
Task 1 : two maps of a town in two different years.
Task 2: some people say that printed paper newspaper is no longer needed. Do you agree or disagree?"

Nathalia - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - November 18, 2016

"Academic English
18th November 11:00a.m
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
What’s your full name?
Do you live in a flat or in an apartment?
Tell me something about your apartment.
Is there easy to access by public transportation?
Do you read newspapers or magazines?
How often you read them?
Read in other language can improve your skills on that language?
Do you think in the future 50 years the printing newspaper still existing?
Do you like flowers?
Is common in your culture give flowers as a gift?
Have you ever grown flowers?
2 minutes of free speaking about: a journey that i do not liked
– why I did that
– how often I do that
– how I get there
Why I think in my country people prefer to travel abroad?
Is travel important to learn new cultures?
Work or study in a country you can learn more about a place than tourists?
Can I learn about new cultures just reading about that?
Do you think tourism damage the envirolment?
Note: I have difficults to listen what the examinater was talking because she speaks not loudly. So, unfortunately I had you request her to repeat some questions at least 3 times."

Zan - November 18, 2016

"Hello Atul,
Thank you for all the wonderful tips you give on your IELTS course. I had my speaking test this morning and below are some of the questions from the test that i remember. Hope it helps the candidates whose speaking test is due.
1st part:
Do you read books?
Have you read any book more than once? Why?
Do you read e-books? Why ?
Which is your favourite color?
Which color would you not use to decorate your room?
part 2
Describe a gift that you gave somebody
Whom did you give it to?
How did the person react
Why did you choose this particular gift?
part 3
In what occasions do people give gifts to children ?
What is the best kind of gift for a kid ?
Does advertisement influence what kind of gifts people buy these days?
Good luck everyone."

Vijay - Vadodara, India - November 17, 2016

"Test date : 17th Nov, Vadodara, India
Type: GT
-What is your full name?
– What should I call you?
– What are you doing currently?
– What exactly you do in your job?
– Why did you choose this job?
– Do you like art or painting and other stuff?
– Have you visited any art galleries?
– Do you look at any art work while you are passing by streets or any other places?
– When do people give gifts in your country?
– Do you think gifts should be expensive?
– Have you ever made gift by yourself for someone ?
Describe an interesting place in your city which is open to public
– Which is this place?
– What attract visitors?
– Why you think it is interesting?
– What is the importance of public buildings? Why are they built?
– Do public buildings are for utility purpose or for entertainment purpose?
– What do people look for in a public building?
– What makes them popular?"

Nur - Egypt - November 3, 2016

"Type: Academic
Date: 3rd Nov 2016
Location: Egypt
Task 1:
A line graph illustrating the percentage of sales of 3 types of magazines (fashion, sport and others) in some country.
Task 2:
Some argue that children should spend more time on physical activities and less time studying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Part1: (Only what I could remember from this part)
– Do you work or study?
– Do you like chocolate?
– What do you think makes chocolate a popular desert?
– Tell me about a famous person in your country.
Describe a situation in which you had to use your imagination.
– Do you think video games can help in growing children’s imagination?
– What other activities can help growing children’s imagination?
– Can old people learn new technology in the future?
– Do you think machine can rule human beings one day?
– Is it going to be a good thing for humans? (previous question)"


Laura - Chile - November 17, 2016

"Date: 03/11/16
Location: Chile
Part 1: How did I get to the place that day
Do I usually use the public transport
How it is where I live
Do I enjoy walking
Have I experienced something “special”/”amazing” (can’t remember the accurate word) during a walking?
Part 2: Describe a person who its work you admire (something like that)
Part 3: What makes a person be a creative person?
Do certain kind of jobs require more creativity than other ones?
Are you a creative person?
Task 1: two pie charts with the amount of time spent by male and female students on the internet (different kind of websites where the “pieces” of the chart)
Task 2: Something like “Some people believe that growing their own food would be better for the individual as well as for society. Do you agree or desagree?”"

Shenai Sid - Mumbai - November 17

"Type of test : GT
Date of test : 16 Nov 2016
Place of test : Hotel Host Inn,Mumbai India
Time of test : 0900Hrs
After completing registration formalities I was taken to the room where the examiner was waiting.
I was asked to sit down and informed that the IELTS speaking test will be conducted.
The examiner asked my name and verified it against my passport.
Part 1
– Tell me something about the place you stay ?
-Do you like to stay there?
-Do you see yourself staying there for a long time ?
-Are there any advertisement hoardings near your place ?
-Do you think Advertisements are important ?
-Does watching advertisement influence you in buying a product ?
-I said NO and was further asked why ?
-What about advertisement on the internet ?
Lets talk something about Flowers
-Do you like Flowers ?
-Is flowers used often in your culture?
-When was the last time you gave flowers to someone?
-Do you like growing Flowers ?
-Would you like to grow flowers in the future ?
-Why do you think people take up Extreme Sports ?
-Do you think it is dangerous ?
-Are Men more inclined to take up extreme sports than women ?
– Why do you think so ?
Test 2 : I was given 1 Min to prepare and talk about Activities I like to do at the end of my days work.
Test 3 :
-Do you think technology is Important ?
-Is it Replacing everyday activities ?
-Are kids more Tech savvy ?
-Why do you think so ?
-Does it help the kids in any way access to so much technology ?
-Do you think they spend more time playing on gadgets than going out to play ?
-Why do you think this is happening ?
-what do you think should be done ?
While answering the last question I was asked to stop and advised that my test has been completed.
The examiner was looking at a stop watch during the conversation and after a stipulated time stopped me at many occasion while answering.
Thank You Atul for helping student through your site.
Keep up the good work….."

Sumit - Mumbai - November 16, 2016

"Dear Atul,
First of all thanks a lot of the wonderful information, blogs and videos on your site to help in IELTS preparation. It has helped me a lot to gain confidence and prepare for the test.
Here are my test details.
IELTS General Test (Speaking)
16 Nov 2016
Mumbai, India
The examiner was a lady and she was quite good and encouraged me a lot during the speaking test.
Here are my questions:
Part 1:
What is your name?
Where do you come from?
What are you doing now?
Why did you choose that job?
Questions of gifts, presents
1. When do people give gifts?
2. Do you think that gifts should be expensive
3. Have you made any gift by yourself and given to anybody?
4. How will you choose a gift if you have to give it to anybody?
Part 2: Cue card
Describe why do you think staying healthy and fit is imprtant and how do you remain so?
1. What do you do
2. How often do you do
3. With whom do you do
We have to formulate our answer in such a way that it goes for around 1.5 – 2 minutes, in my case, I think the examiner was looking at the timer for full two minutes after which she stopped
Part 3:
How should children be told about the importance of maintaining good health?
How can government play an role there?
What are the negative impacts if any of the technological advances on the people lifestyle?
Should unhealthy products be banned? If so, then how?
How can people become aware of implications of eating unhealthy food?
This is what I could remember from the Speaking test..
My listening, reading and writing (General) is scheduled for Sat Nov 19th in Mumbai.
All the best to those who are preparing…All the very best…
and Thanks very much Atul for all that you are doing to help many aspiring candidates.."

Areej - India - November 16, 2016  

"Hi Atul,
Today i took the speaking test.
Part 1
what is your full name?
How can i call you?
Do you study or work?
Why do you choose this study?
Do you like visitors coming to your home
What do you and your visitors usually do?
Do you prefer to be visited or to go to visit others? and why?
then the examiner started to ask about celebrities
who is your favourite celebrity in your country? why do like him/her?
Do you follow celeberity’s news?
have you ever met a celebrity?
have you ever dreamed to be a celeberity? and why?
then we moved to part 2 which was about a sport center that i usually use :
what is your favourite sport?
what is the facilities that the center have?
what the impact of this sport on your life?
Part 3:
What is the commonest sport that the young people in your country play? and why?
then the examiner asked about international sport competitions like olympics:
Do you watch the olympics? and why?
What the benefits of this competition for the country that hosting it?
What the impact of this competition on the relation between countries?
Thank you Atul for the useful tips"

Meher Zadi -Islamabad,Pakistan - November 16, 2016

"Thank you Atul. your blog and video lesson were very helpful .
Test type:General Module Speaking
Date:16 Nov 2016 at 10:15am
Where do you live?
Are you planning to stay here for long time?
Have you ever bought flower?have you ever grown them?
Do ppl in your country give flowers as present?
About Magazines and newspaper?
Course people take in your country?
Present and past trend toward taking any course?
Quality of good teacher?
Do employers prefer degree or experience in your country?
should Universities offer courses that doesn’t lead to job?why?
Part 2: What course you would take if you get a chance?
what do you want to learn about the course?
That what I remember so far… My written test is on 19th Nov"

Javed -Karachi, Pakistan - November 15, 2016

"Today, I had given my speaking test here are the details:
Centre: Karachi, Pakistan (AEO)
Date: November 15, 2016
Type: General Training
-Do you live or do you work?
-Why do you like this job?
-Let’s talk about gifts and presents, in which occasions in your country people give gifts?
-Why do people give gifts to each other?
-Do you think gifts should be expensive?
-Do you like giving gifts?
-Have you ever made any gift for anyone?
-Let’s talk about newspaper, do you like reading newspaper and magazines?
-Which magazine section you read the first?
-Do you think that reading newspaper is good for learning any foreign language?
-Do you think that in 50-60 years of time newspapers and magazines will still be sold in hard copies and people will still buy them?
-What do you think that are the major differences between countryside and urban side?
-Do you think that people from rural side are moving to cities?
-Do you think that agriculture will be affected if people will keep moving to cities?
-Describe a town in your city which you like and visit, you should say:
*Why do you like it?
*how often do you visit?
*what do you do when you visit/ why do you visit?
After my description:
(When did you last visit this town?)
Section 3:
-We have been talking about countryside issues and problems, let’s talk about major cities. What do you think about major problems of cities?
-Do you think that people are not aware of this problem?
-What major problems you think are in your city?
-Do you think that these problems can be resolved?
and some more questions which I forgot.
My speaking test duration was too long, I was fluent like a native and she did not stop me at all in any section, i kept going and going and going but the variety and quantity of questions were shocking for me, as you can see that in section one she asked so many different type of topics altogether. She was literally making questions from my answers, it was like a normal conversation to me than the interview. I told some of my friends and they said teh same thing that questions were too many and diverse. What do you think about it? just out of curiosity.
I just need 7 in speaking and although I did many mistakes of grammar and I was also not coherent especially in section 2 I guess I will get 7 bands. *Fingers Crossed*"

Amin Ahadi - Iran - November 14, 2016

"hi Atul
Im Amin Ahadi
i had an academic speaking examination on 13 November in Iran
part 1
do you work or study?
what makes a teacher popular?
cue card
decribe a garden that you have visited
where was it
what kind of garden it was
what have people done there
private garden in the urban areas
effects of playing in the garden on children
what do people use their private garden for?
i was talking to another friend and he said that one of his questions was
do you have the experience of doing special job under pressure?
this website was highly beneficial to me. pray for me to get a good mark. i need at least 6.5
thanks a lot Atul"

Lola November 13, 2016

"Hi Atul !
We live in a world of technology these days . While the Internet brings with it clear advantages , the problems in terms of control and security of information outweigh the advantages .
To what extend do you agree ?
Here is my approach , even though very tough to depict how to analyse the question :
I was agree .
BP 1 : Admittedly , there are some basic advantages …..( I did use language of possibility ).
BP2 : Nevertheless , despite these minimal advantages , the Internet can be caused more serious issues . One obvious drawback can explained is …. This has a great risk ….Another reason why I believe online activities have more negative impacts is that … This a concern …
In conclusion , ( mention the reason for dis advantages ) far outweigh any benefits that could result from the Internet .
So I am not sure of the content of the structure and also I think I used the language of adv and disadvantage which is I do not know how I switched to an argumentative essay . Also I did use the language of probability in adv paragraph not in disadvantage .
So I need a great help In order to correctify and the above points, please ,as I have booked for further exam and I do not want keep going on my mistakes with out knowing the adequate answer .
Comments welcoming !"


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