Hi Atul,Thank you very much for your lessons. There all were a big help for my IELTS exam. I faced my speaking exam on 18 Nov 2016 and LRW (general) test was on 19 Nov 2016 at British Council Oman. Following your strategies it was so easy for me to face the exam. So, I feel sure about L & R. Since speaking and writing markings can’t be predicted I am looking forward for a better result. Following were the questions I got.
Speaking –
Part 01 – asked about writing by hand or typing in a computer
how often I’m reading books?
is there any increase or decrease in reading books for the past few years
Part 02 – Describe a bicycle trip/ bike trip/ car trip I went recently
where? with whom? what you did? Difficulties we faced? why it is memorable?
Part 03 – Discussion about transportation
Importance of public transportation?
In your living area how often you can find a public transportation (bus/ taxi)?
Which is best, either to improve public transportation or increasing the number of private vehicles ?
Do town planning should consider about provide separate facilities for pedestrians? why?
Section 1 – Booking a bicycle from a vehicle renting company – fill the details of the booking (bicycle type, rent, what is included in the price, address, etc)
Section 2 – A talk between an instructor and two students about there research report on chocolate
Section 3 – Some one is explain rules and regulations for the visitors of a metal mine to choose answers from multiple choices and find the locations for each place in the given map
Section 4 – Filling the gaps
Reading – (since were not reading the entire passages don’t remember the most of it)
Section 1 – answer questions using not more than 2 words from the passage and multiple choice questions
Section 2 – Match the heading for passages (it is about a medicinal plant) and fill the gaps using one word from the passage
Section 3 – Long reading passage on various inventions made (radio, supermarket system, automated cash handling system, printing machines)
Writing task 01 –
You got a job recently in an overseas company. Another member of your family is looking for a job. Write a letter to your manager inquiring about vacancies suitable for him.
explain who you are and what job you will be doing
describe your family member and inquire about vacancies
explain why your manager should hire him
Writing task 02 –
Some people say the best way to explore the local life style while visiting foreign countries during vacations is not to stay in a hotel. Explain your opinion using examples.
Results will be posted on 01 Dec 2016.


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