Hi, My name is Amanjot Kaur. My speaking exam was on 6th April 2017 in Chennai, India.Part 1:
What is full name?
Where are you living?
Do you like this place?
Are you planning to live here in future?
Then, she asked few questions about shoes.
Do you choose nice shoes or comfortable shoes?
Have you ever buy shoes online?
Is it okay to spend lot of money on shoes?
Do some people have lot of pair of shoes?
Part 2:
Describe a day you spend enjoying in the country side.
You need to tell:
Where it is?
Whom you are with?
How did you reach there?
What you did there?
Why you enjoy that day a lot? (Something like this..)
Part 3:
What are the facilities you can get in cities that you can not get in the country side?
Do people love to live in countryside? Why/ Why not?
Why life is so hard in countryside?
What kind people will love to live in country inside?
Why mode of entertainment is different for young people and old people?
There are lot of questions she asked. At the end, she asked me a question and when I was about to answer she said oh no time is over. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I do not remember how did my test go? Your site is amazing. Thank you. Hope I can score well in these exam. My Listening, Reading and Writing test is scheduled on 8th April, 2017.


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